Saturday, August 5, 2017

Pakistan: Extremist factions of religious groups form new alliance, terrorist group invited

Three religious groups of Ahle Hadith school of thought have joined hands to form a political alliance under the name of Ahle Hadith Ittehad Council (AHIC) and contest next elections from a single platform, The News has reported.

"Our doors are open for other Ahle Hadith parties like Jamiat Ahle Hadith (Sajid Mir group), and Jamaat ud Dawa, and we will strive for protecting Islamic articles of the Constitution and Blasphemy laws," said AHIC president Mullah Ziaullah Shah Bukhari, joined by others while addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Thursday, The News quoted.

Jamaat ud Dawa (JuD), notably, is the (in)famously known group that was reorganized after it's forerunner terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) was internationally banned. The leader of the former LeT, Hafiz Saeed, internationally wanted for Mumbai bombing, continues to lead the JuD.

Other office-bearers of AHIC including president Abdul Ghaffar Rupari, patron Mufti Ubaidullah Afif, Gen. Secretary Hafiz Ibtesam Elahi Zaheer, Abdul Wahab Rupari, Hesham Elahi Zaheer, Shakilur Rehman Nasir, Muhammad Ali Yazdani etc.

Most of the named office-bearers of the new alliance are well known for their rolls in the persecution of minorities and anti-monorities activism against Ahmadis in Pakistan.

Replying to queries, they said AHIC would strive for protecting the Islamic Ideology of Pakistan and articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution, that have come to be known as clauses dictating morality.

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