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Pakistan has the second-highest number of out-of-school children in the world.

 The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and Mishal Pakistan signed a memorandum of understanding to create awareness among general public about out of school children through print, electronic and online mediums. Through this collaboration, TCF and Mishal committed to enhance quality reporting on out of school children by building capacity of journalists reporting on Education and Social Development related issues. Mishal and TCF will jointly develop a capacity building initiative by engaging senior journalists on multiple forums across the country.
Both TCF and Mishal aim to identify and mainstream the issue of out-of-school children among general public through media. The organizations have joined hands to conduct training sessions with senior journalists in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi and Quetta. The purpose is to design strategic media trainings that provides data-sets for journalists to report on the issue with evidence-based journalism.
This collaboration will complement the efforts of TCF to implement changes in education system that are necessary to bring children into school, and to achieve the unanimous goal of keeping children in schools. Mishal Pakistan will also create special category at the AGAHI Awards 2019, Pakistan’s most sought after journalism recognition to include “the Reporter of the Year Award, Reporting on Out of School Children”.
Gaps in service provision at all education levels is a major constraint to education access.  Socio-cultural demand-side barriers combined with economic factors and supply-related issues, such as availability of adequate and standardized school facilities, together hamper access and retention of certain marginalized groups, in particular adolescent girls.
Isfandyar Inayat, General Manager, TCF said, Economic development of a nation is closely related to the development of its human resources. Our partnership with Mishal Pakistan aims to spotlight Pakistan’s education crisis that is affecting the ability of our children to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge needed for effective participation and contribution to our national development. We are thankful to Mishal Pakistan for stepping up to help us in this cause.
Speaking on the occasion Amir Jahangir, CEO of Mishal Pakistan said, Education is the right of every child as envisioned in the Constitution of Pakistan Article 25-A which premises that the state shall provide free and compulsory education to children of age 5 to 16 years.  However, its provision falls well below an adequate standard. Through this initiative both the organizations want to bring public policy focus on the Right to Education by raising awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4 and SDG5).
According to an estimation by UNICEF, Pakistan has the second-highest number of out-of-school children in the world. Around 22.8 million children between the age of 5 and 16, 44 percent of the total population of this age group, are not in schools.
The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens who wanted to bring about positive social change through education. 24 years later, TCF is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged. TCF has a long history of working in partnership with the private sector to find new and innovative solutions to provide education to the less privileged children of Pakistan. TCF is a non-profit organization, which believes education is the right of every child and not a privilege for the affluent. Established in 1996, TCF has been providing affordable quality primary and secondary education to the impoverished children living in rural areas and urban slums across Pakistan. Current enrolment is 252,000 children from low-income families, through 1567 school units. TCF is also the winner of the Schwab Foundation’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2015 at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

د عمران خان په سفرونو کې پوځي مشر ولې ورسره وي؟

 د پاکستان وزیراعظم عمران خان او د چین ولسمشر شي جن پنګ د اکتوبر پر نهمه په بیجنګ کې ولیدل او د سیمې پر حالاتو او پر دوه اړخیزو اړیکو یې خبرې وکړې. د لیدنې پر مهال د پوځ مشر جنرل قمر جاوید باجوه او د ای اېس ای مشر لېفټینټ جنرل فېض حمید هم موجود ول.

د جولای په میاشت کې هم امریکا ته د سفر پر مهال د پوځ او ای اېس ای مشران له وزیراعظم سره مله ول. د دغه ګډو سفرونو په اړه پر ټولنیزو رسنیو هم بحثونه ترسترګو کېږي.
نړۍ پوهه ده چې په پاکستان کې اصل واک له پوځ سره دی نو ځکه خو په داسې سفرونو کې د پوځي مشرانو شتون نړیوالو ته د ډېر باور وړ وي
ځینې کسان دا کار په اوسني سیاسي حکومت د پوځ زیات شوی اغېز ګڼي او نیوکې پرې کوي. په دوی کې یو هم شنونکی امتیاز عالم دی، هغه وایي، پر مخکنیو حکومتونو هم د پوځ اثر و، خو په اوسني حکومت بیخي زیات دی.
"پخوا به یو څه موده وروسته مارشلا لګېده، خو اوس د دې ضرورت نشته ځکه چې داسې حکومت په وجود کې راغلې چې د پوځ هر حکم مني."
په پاکستان کې په مخکنیو وختونو داسې هم شوي چې د پوځ او سیاسي حکومت ترمنځ اختلافات پیدا شوي او په نتیجه کې یې حکومتونه او یا وزیراعظمان لیرېکړل شويدي. خو د موجوده حکومت او هم پوځي چارواکو څو ځله ویلي چې پر ټولو معاملو پوځ او حکومت یوه خوله دي.
په لندن کې د ختیځ او افریقایي مطالعاتو پوهنتون څېړونکې عایشه صدیقه وایي، پاکستاني مشران د چین سفر په داسې مهال کوي چې په کشمیر او افغانستان کې بدلونه رامنځته کېږي، همدا راز د پاکستان چین اقتصادي راهدارۍ او ګوادر بندر پر پروژو خبرې کېږي او دا ټول د پوځ سره اړوند موضوعات دي نو ځکه د پوځي مشرانو حضور مهم دی.
"د عمران هغومره سیاسي روزنه نه ده شوې چې پکار وي، هغه څو ځله د بهرنو سفرونو پر مهال ځینې داسې خبرې وکړې چې پوځ پرې خوښ نه و، نو ځکه خو د پوځ مشر د داسې سفرونو پر مهال خپل شتون ضروري ګڼي"
نوموړې زیاتوي، نړۍ هم پوهه ده چې په پاکستان کې اصل واک له پوځ سره دی نو ځکه خو په داسې سفرونو کې د پوځي مشرانو شتون نړیوالو ته د ډېر باور وړ وي.
دنیا فکر کوی چې په پاکستان کې ولسي حکومتونه واک نه لري، د دې سره په نړۍ کې د پاکستان په جمهوري څېره منفي اثر پریوزي
په کراچۍ کې د وفاقې اردو یونیورسټۍ د ژورنالیزم څانګې پخوانی مشر توصیف احمد خان د وزیراعظم سره د پوځ د مشر په ګډو سفرونو انتقاد کوي او وایي، دا لومړی حکومت دی چې په مکمله توګه د پوځ تر اثر لاندې دی، نوموړی دا د جمهوري عمل لپاره زیانمن ګڼي.
"دنیا فکر کوی چې په پاکستان کې ولسي حکومتونه واک نه لري، په نړۍ کې نور هم جمهوري حکومتونه شته، خو هلته ورباندې د پوځ دومره اغېز نه وي. له دې سره نه یوازې په نړۍ کې بلکې د پاکستان په جمهوري څېره منفي اثر پرېوزي"
خو کارپوه رحیم الله یوسفزی بیا وایي، دا لومړی ځل نه دی چې پوځي مشران له وزیراعظم سره په دا ډول سفرونو کې ملګري دي، بلکې مخکې هم داسې شوي، همدا راز که د امریکا، چین او ځینو نورو هېوادونو مشران د پاکستان سفر کوي نو هم له پوځي مشرتابه سره ګوري.
"په مخکې حکومتونو کې هم داسې شوي چې له وزیراعظم سره پوځي مشران تللي دي. افغانستان او د امریکا څو سفرونه یې مثالونه دي خو په اوسني حکومت کې دا زیات تر سترګو کیږي. په پاکستان کې دننه هم دواړه مشران زیاتره وخت یوځای وي. ښایي دوی دا څرګندول غواړي چې پوځ او سیاسي حکومت یوه رایه لري"
یوسفزی زیاتوي، له امریکا او چینه پاکستان وسلې او نور دفاعي سامانونه هم اخلي نو ځکه دغو هېوادونو ته د سفرونو پر مهال د سیاسيانو ترڅنګ د پوځي مشرانو تلل مهم وي.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari takes notice of Larkana’s civic problems

Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Thursday took strong notice of increasing civic problems in the party’s strong fort, Larkana, ARY News reported.
As per details, the city remains centre of civic problems despite allocation of funds worth billions of rupees from last 11 years by the provincial government.
Heaps of garbage, sewerage water and other problems have irked the voters of the city. The party’s candidate for PS-11 Jameel Soomro is reportedly facing anger of the voters during his election campaign for the by-polls on the provincial seat of Sindh assembly.
Bilawal taking stern notice of the matter has directed Minister Anti-Corruption Sohail Anwar Siyal to carry out an investigation into the alleged embezzlement in the development funds of the city.
“I will personally monitor the situation and responsible will be taken to the task”, he said.

The by-polls on PS-11 will be held on October 17. The provincial constituency PS-11 has total 1,52,614 registered voters including 83,016 male and 69,598 female voters.
The election commission has established a total of 138 polling stations for the upcoming by-election in the constituency with 43 polling stations each for male and female, while 52 joint polling stations for men and women voters.

Imran Khan’s party rose to power on dharnas. Now it is hilariously trying to stop Azadi March


If PTI leaders are to be believed then Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s protest is nothing less than a war on democracy.

Fourteen months is all it took for PM Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan to be threatened with a mass protest led by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl’s Maulana Fazlur Rehman. Planned for 27 October, the ‘Azadi March’ to Islamabad aims to oust the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government.
In any other countries, these protest shenanigans wouldn’t be a big deal, but in Naya Pakistan, it is no less than a war on democracy, a conspiracy of sorts, if some ruling party leaders are to believed. Wonder why a government that came into being after endless protests and dharnas is hell-bent on stopping a Maulana who they claim is only trying to save his “sinking politics”.
Suddenly, the one-time supporters of anarchy find themselves rather hilariously trying to stop the 27 October dharna. Why are the container-walas afraid of marchers? Everything – from concerns about school attendance in madrassas to homosexuality is being thrown at it.
Rehman has been urging the establishment, bureaucracy and police not to back Khan’s illegitimate regime. The protesters’ charge sheet against the PTI government include: being selected to power through rigged elections, selling out the Kashmir cause, dismal economic performance and putting opposition leaders in jail.

Yesteryears’ dharna masters

Who doesn’t remember the 126-day long dharna fest by the PTI in Islamabad in 2014? The capital was in lockdown and even the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Pakistan had to be cancelled. The same Xi who now inspires Khan to jail 500 “corrupt people” in Pakistan. Has the prime minister forgotten the attacks by his men on the building of the state-run Pakistan Television and Pakistan’s parliament, his calls for civil disobedience while burning electricity bills, his speeches atop container trucks, and the unforgettable shalwar kameez drying outside the Supreme Court of Pakistan? All this and much more to get Nawaz Sharif’s resignation.
Container trucks, biryani and protesters are coming back to D Chowk, minus Imran Khan this time. The container dharnas have boomeranged on Khan. The government is trying everything it can to put a brake on the protest brigade. And leading the charge is interior minister Brigadier Ijaz Shah (retd.) who has called the sit-in an act of “suicide”, hoping that the Maulana and followers will not march towards Islamabad. Not to forget that Shah had earlier threatened anyone who tries to block roads with sit-ins with severe police action, including baton-charge and beatings.
esteryears’ dharna masters are now running a smear campaign against the JUI-F protesters with fake letters and notifications. One fake letter said this about preparing for the protests: “Participants will completely refrain from [engaging in] sodomy without the permission of their emir (leader),” which was also tweeted by Science and Technology minister Fawad Chaudhry. Another fake notification read: “A possible massive wave of homosexuality in Islamabad after a political gathering planned on 27th October.” And that “homosexuality is strictly prohibited in Islam and hence, cannot be tolerated in any form, whether in a political gathering or during private meetings”.

Stopping Azadi March

A petition against the Azadi March in the Islamabad High Court has been filed. For the time being, the judge has termed the plea premature and adjourned the hearing for one week.
Never have PTI leaders worried so much about the madrassa students missing school, going to dharnas or even existing for that matter. But now everyone in the PTI and their uncles are worried about madrassa students. Did they worry about those madrassa kids who joined their 2014 sit-in with Tahirul Qadri or those students who missed school when they blocked the capital?
Meanwhile, Ali Amin Gandapur, Kashmir affairs minister, took things too seriously by sending a notice of Rs 50 billion to Maulana Fazlur Rehman “for making anti-state and derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Imran Khan”. Gandapur says he has evidence that the Maulana is working on foreign agenda. Nothing new there, everyone is accused of being an agent of someone in Pakistan.
Talking of agents, the rivalry of Fazlur Rehman and Imran Khan goes back to the days when Khan was called a “Jewish agent” by Rehman. His recent visit to the US and his meeting with Jewish billionaire philanthropist George Soros has gone unnoticed. Rehman says, “Imran Khan wants to make Pakistan’s educational system subservient to the West”. Strange how that will happen because Khan himself is blaming the British for destroying the education system in Pakistan.
The government wants to stop the Azadi March and Imran Khan is also hopeful that Maulana Fazlur Rehman won’t be able to exploit the “religion card”. Wonder if the PM’s 2018 election campaign, where he exploited the issue of blasphemy and finality of the Prophet to the full, is the reason that there aren’t any more credits to exploit from the religion card anymore.