Monday, July 4, 2011

PML-N leaders political terrorists

Chairperson Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Farzana Raja Sunday said Sharif brothers should seek apology from Kashmiri people on putting ‘for sale’ label on them and called the N-League leaders ‘political terrorists’.
At a news conference, Raja described Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N Chief, as ‘an enemy’ of the people.

She said Rs65 billion had been allocated for BISP but added that the amount was insufficient and the Prime Minister had promised to increase it.

“Benazir Income Support Program is purely a public welfare initiative and it is not a political one,” she maintained.

Farzana Raja clarified that no funds had secretly been distributed for Kashmir elections and that forms were given away to the people many months prior to the polls.

Fireworks, parades mark July 4th celebrations
Obama to host White House barbecue celebrating nation's 235th birthday

People across the U.S. are marking the 4th of July with parades, fireworks, barbecues — and competitive eating.

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President Barack Obama planned to host a barbecue at the White House to celebrate the nation's 235th Independence Day.
Thousands of revelers camped out near the Washington Monument to catch a glimpse of the fireworks.
Wet weather around the country put a damper on celebrations on Sunday from St. Louis, where a concert and fireworks display was cancelled, to Washington D.C., where Capitol Police evacuated where spectators on the National Mall who were watching rehearsals for Monday's "Capitol Fourth" show.A statement on the White House's website said Michelle Obama had sent a message to its email list, "wishing them a Happy Independence Day and encouraging all Americans to honor our brave men and women in uniform by volunteering to give back to the military families who sacrifice so much to keep us safe."
"We know that when our troops are called to serve, their families serve right along with them. For military kids, that means stepping up to help with the housework and putting on a brave face through all those missed holidays, bedtimes and ballet recitals," she said. "For military spouses, it means pulling double-duty, doing the work of both parents, often while juggling a full-time job or trying to get an education."
Story: Petraeus hails US troops in Afghanistan as patriots
"Our troops give so much to this country and they ask us for just one thing in return: to take care of their families while they’re gone. So we’ve put out a call to action. We’re urging all Americans to ask themselves one question: What can I do to give back to these families that have given so much?" the First Lady added.
She urged people to go to and learn more about can be done to help military families.
Clarion call for freedom'
House Speaker John Boehner said these were "anxious days for people who cherish freedom."
"Every day, I meet Americans concerned about whether their kids and grandkids will enjoy the same blessings and opportunities they've been given," he said.
But he added that there was "no force more unstoppable than a free people who seize an opportunity to do something big and have the vigilance to see it through. That's we how keep the Spirit of '76 alive and well."
"America is much more than a point on a map, and Independence Day is no ordinary birthday. It is an annual clarion call for freedom," Boehner said. "We raise the flag and light up the skies to remind the world that the revolution continues. What those brave patriots helped create we must — and we will — help preserve."In New York City, more than 40,000 fireworks will be ignited on floating barges.
The gigantic Macy's fireworks show boasts it's the largest in the country. This year, Beyonce and Brad Paisley were slated to perform.
Coney Island will host the annual Nathan's July Fourth hot dog eating contest.
Champion Joey Chestnut, who put away a record 68 hot dogs in 2009, is looking to win his fifth title.