Saturday, August 5, 2017

#obamaday - Happy Obama Day? Fans turn ex-president’s birthday into online holiday.

Barack Obama turns 56 , and fans of the former president are celebrating Obama Day online.
In Illinois, legislators voted to commemorate Aug. 4 as Barack Obama Day last spring, though it’s not a legal holiday giving state workers the day off. Obama began his political career in the Illinois State Senate. Delaware also has passed legislation designating Aug. 4 as Barack Obama Day.
There is an official Obama Day holiday, but it’s in Kenya. That holiday takes place on the second Monday of November. It began in 2008 after Obama, whose father was born in Kenya, won the U.S. presidency.
Fans of Obama, and critics of his successor, President Donald Trump, also are celebrating the former president’s birthday online, making #obamaday a trending topic on Twitter.

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