Sunday, September 4, 2011

A way to keep us away from guns

Interior Minister Rehman Malik had recently given 25,000 rupees cash to a boy for breaking his toy gun. This was a good gesture and a step towards bringing the long-lasting peace in the country where the street violence is on the rise.But to stop our children becoming violent characters in their teens and later age, we as parents and the government as the main body to provide a security to people must work together to finish this gun culture in the country.As always on Eid children were seen playing with toy guns of all types including shot guns, Kalashnikov, machine guns, pistols etc. Children using their Eid money on buying these guns which are easily available in even the smallest general stores in the remotest streets of the city.The parents whose children buy such guns are also equally responsible as why they allow their children to buy such toys which are a sign of violence.But at the same time, these children have little access to leisure activities. As children our parents used to take us to fairs and other events like circus which were arranged on occasions like Eid. But today hardly any such activity is being organised. Although, there are some parks where large number of people take their children to spend some time but still the activities are not enough to deviate the attention of children from playing with gun toys.Today, a toy gus is one of the most cheapest toys available in the market from Rs 20 to Rs 300 depends on the size and quality of the toy.The government must make an action plan in minimizing the sale of these toy guns if not completely ban it.On the other hand, there must be an awareness campaign in which Ulema and mosque Imams should also take part to tackle this menace.The parents on the other hand had to play their most important role in keeping their children away from the toys which are replica of the dangerous life taking weapons..