Tuesday, August 13, 2019

#PPP Video - Kal Bhi Bhutto Zinda Tha,Ajj Bhi Bhutto Zinda Hai - #LongLiveBhuttoism

Video Report - Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Press Conference | 13 August 2019

Chairman Bilawal’s Press Conference on Tuesday

Pakistan will have to send a clear message to Kashmiri people that every Pakistani is with them at this difficult time and Pakistan will have to send a message that we are ready to go to war if needed for the Kashmir cause.
Addressing a press conference with Senator Farhatullah Babar and Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar at Zardari House Islamabad, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the PTI government wants to divide the people of Pakistan by antagonizing the opposition. The government has started arresting the women of opposition.
Faryal Talpur was sent to Adiala Jail at midnight from the hospital bed where she was being treated and the doctors had advised to treat her in the Cardiology Hospital. The law is that no one can be sent to prison from hospital after 5pm but Faryal Talpur was forced to go to the prison at midnight. The government knew that I was in Kashmir to offer Eid prayers with Kashmiri brethren and my father President Zardari was in jail, Chairman Bilawal said. The government was also aware that the next morning was Eid and there would be no newspapers the next day. All this proves that the tyrannical PTI government does not want one voice for Kashmiri brethren.
Chairman PPP said that whenever he meets Kashmiri activists and journalists, they ask whether the Pakistani Prime Minister is also involved in conspiracy against Kashmiris. The joint session was summoned on the demand of the PPP and when we went to show solidarity with Kashmiri people, the government also sent its representative. It is unfortunate that Prime Minister Imran Khan did not go to Muzaffarabad despite the fact that AJK government had invited him to address the AJK Assembly.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the government has totally ruined the economy and price hike has made the lives of the people hell. However, on the Kashmir cause the people of Pakistan have the right to ask the government about its efforts for the cause and why is everything going in accordance with what Imran Khan said in an interview. Pakistan should expose Modi and his tyranny instead of targeting the opposition. The foreign journalists ask us about the difference between PTI and Modi governments because both are on the same page with regard to suppressing people. He said that Kashmiris still remember Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto who had fought for the Kashmiri cause and even today, PPP will continue to do so.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that he will visit Skardu and will talk about human rights violation in Pakistan as well as the attack on the media by PTI government. He said that PPP will not let incapable Prime Minister Imran Khan to harm Kashmir cause. He demanded of the government to take seriously the happenings in Kashmir and play its role for national harmony. Pakistanis will never forgive the PTI leadership and government if they do not support the Kashmiris who have the right to decide their own future. He said that the statement of foreign minister yesterday was unfortunate and Pakistanis and Kashmiris both are disappointed with his statement.
Answering a question, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that his family will file a petition against sending Faryal Talpur to prison. He said that President Zardari was not even allowed to offer Eid prayers despite requesting the officials.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that this government is taking action against all institutions which are raising their voice for Kashmiris like Amnesty International, New York Times and the BBC. On the floods in Karachi, he said that a propaganda campaign has been waged against Sindh government but it is also a fact that the rain this year was record-breaking and Karachi is below sea level unlike the sloped cities of Islamabad and Lahore. He appreciated efforts of Sindh government as well as the bureaucrats who sacrificed their Eid to clear the city of rain water.

Don’t live in fool’s paradise, hard to get support against India: Qureshi tells Pakistan

Pakistan's foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said it wouldn't be easy for Islamabad to get support from UNSC as well as the Muslim world against India's decision Kashmir decision.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has asked his countrymen not to live in a “fool’s paradise” as he highlighted that it will not be easy for Islamabad to get the support of the UN Security Council as well as from the Muslim world against India’s decision to withdraw Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.
Addressing the media in Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir on Monday, Qureshi asked Pakistanis to “wage a new struggle” to get the support of the UNSC members.
“You (people) should not in live fool’s paradise. Nobody will be standing there (in the UNSC) with garlands in hands…Nobody will be there waiting for you,” he said.
India has categorically told the international community that its move to scrap Article 370 of the Constitution removing the special status to Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter and has also advised Pakistan to “accept the reality”.
Without naming any Muslim country, Qureshi also said the “guardians of Ummah (Islamic community)” might also not back Pakistan on the Kashmir issue due to their economic interest.
“Different people in the world have their own interests. India is a market of (over) billion people…A lot of people have invested there (India). We often talks about Ummah and Islam but the guardians of Ummah have also made investments there (India) and they have their own interests,” he said.
Qureshi’s statement came two days after Russia becomes the first UNSC member to back India’s move on Jammu and Kashmir, saying that the changes in the status are within the framework of the Indian Constitution.
“We proceed from fact that the changes associated with the change in the status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and its division into two union territories are carried out within the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of India,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said in a response to questions on Friday last.
The US has also maintained a neutral stand on the issue, saying that there is no change in its policy on Kashmir as it called on India and Pakistan to maintain restraint and hold direct dialogue to resolve their differences.
China, the all-weather ally of Pakistan, has objected to the formation of Ladakh as Union Territory by India. However, at the same time, Beijing has told Qureshi that it regarded both India and Pakistan as “friendly neighbours” and wants them to resolve the Kashmir issue through UN resolutions and the Simla agreement.
Qureshi had air-dashed to Beijing on Friday last week to seek Islamabad’s support on Kashmir.

#Kashmir: India wins freedom 2.0

Tarek Fatah
A major shift took place in the Indian subcontinent on Monday when the government of India revoked the special status it had conferred on its only Muslim-majority state – the State of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).
In doing so, India demonstrated a spinal cord of steel, this coming after 1,000 years of Arab, Turkic, Persian and Afghan Islamic invasions, followed by Portuguese, French and British colonization, had reduced it to mere spaghetti. India today stands as tall as the Himalayas and walks as gracefully as the Bengal tiger.
As expected, Pakistan invoked its self-styled role as the godfather of India’s Islamists. The country’s military-backed Prime Minister Imran Khan made a barely concealed threat of a nuclear attack unless India revoked its actions taken on its own sovereign territory. Khan told a joint session of the Pakistan parliament, “if we fight a war till we shed the last drop of our blood, who will win that war? No one will win it and it will have grievous consequences for the entire world,” he thundered. Then, as if to mollify his threat of a worldwide nuclear catastrophe, Khan fooled no one by insisting: “This is not nuclear blackmail.”
Khan then played the race card: “What they (Indian government) did in Kashmir is in accordance with their ideology. They have a racist ideology … ingrained in their ideology that puts Hindus above all other religions and seeks to establish a state that represses all other religious groups.”
India’s actions were taken through a change in two articles of its constitution that won approval in both houses of the country’s parliament. The fact this led Pakistan to threaten nuclear war tells us why so many of us consider the country not just a state sponsor of terrorism, but a threat to world peace under a military that is carrying out a genocide on its own people in the occupied once independent country of Balochistan. India has a peculiarity to its history. Unlike the Persian and Egyptian civilizations that crumbled in the face of Islamic expansionism of the 7th and 8th centuries, India’s Hindu society was able to survive despite the total erasure of Hinduism from the 5,000-year-old Indus Valley Civilization by the Arab marauder Muhammad Bin Qasim and later murderous plunderers such as Tamerlane and the Moguls ending with the looting of its riches and resources by the British.
When they finally left in 1947, Britain amputated India’s limbs to partition the ancient land into three, with the Islamic State of Pakistan flanking India on both its eastern and western borders.
On paper India had won its freedom in August 15, 1947, but on the ground the ancient plundered land was not free until Monday.
Acting in good faith and making India secular to accommodate its Muslim minority, for decades its Hindu leaders distanced themselves from their heritage. India’s first education minister came from a family in Mecca that claimed to be a direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad.
In fact, India is the only major civilizational country where you are systematically taught to hate your heritage and glorify the invaders who came to destroy it. And this absurdity is called “secularism.”
Anyone standing up for the rights of India’s Hindu heritage of its indigenous and aboriginal population, who took pride in their ancient Vedic texts was labelled by the slur of being an “ultra-right Hindu nationalist,” while those who propagated the total Islamization of India under the Arab doctrine of “Ghazwa-e-Hind” and the eradication of every Hindu Temple were free to claim such hate as being their “right” to practice their faith.
But in the words of Bob Dylan, “the times, they are a changing.” India has finally won its freedom from the clutches of those who mock its heritage and wish it harm.
Under this new freedom, India’s Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians will be equals before the law and not hide behind “special status.”