Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nawaz roadshow aimed at derailing system: Kaira

PPP Central Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira has said former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s road show is aimed at derailing the system, vowing his party will foil his attempt with the support of the masses.
Addressing media persons here yesterday, Kaira said Nawaz Sharif like a stubborn child wished to roll back the system in a situation when he had been caught red-handed before the apex court and the JIT in the Panama leaks case. “The former premier is severely criticising the Supreme Court, saying the decision against him was pre-planned and that the five men ousted a prime minister elected by millions of people. This attitude on the part of Nawaz Sharif is intolerable and amounts to sheer contempt of court,” he said, adding a prime minister had no right to use public mandate to commit corruption, forge documents, record false statements in a court and loot the public money.
The PPP leader heavily grilled Nawaz Sharif on his claim that his ouster from power was a conspiracy. He asked the former prime minister to come out with the name who conspired against him to get him out of power. “Whom are you showing street power? Have you still not learnt that you yourself are responsible for what has happened to you? You also moved similar cases against Imran Khan. Was it also not a conspiracy if the case against you was a conspiracy?” he questioned. He said Nawaz Sharif and his children were given the fullest opportunity before the Supreme Court and the JIT to defend the allegations, but they miserably failed as they did not have any proof and what they brought forth were fake, forged and fabricated documents. He asserted the upcoming NAB references were terrifying Nawaz Sharif as the real story was being disclosed through the same and the Sharifs wanted to prevent the NAB courts from doing anything against them. He said unlike the PPP leaders, the court had treated Nawaz Sharif leniently otherwise he and his children as well as relatives would have been in jail on the charges of committing forgery and recording false statements.
Kaira observed Nawaz Sharif’s road rally had failed to attract more than several thousand people. He alleged public funds had extravagantly been spent on the rally while this money would be shown as used for the preparations of the Independence Day celebrations. It was gross misuse of public funds and would be accounted for, he added. He also mentioned the chairmanship of Nawaz Sharif in the company of his son and said millions of pounds and dollars were transacted abroad to purchase scores of properties. “It is not a small offence which you committed,” he said addressing Nawaz Sharif.
Kaira strongly questioned the democratic credentials of Nawaz Sharif and said democracy for him meant his personal rule and use of state institutions as per his wishes as well as in his personal interest. It was, in fact, the PPP which always struggled for democracy while Nawaz Sharif had left the country along with his family after signing an agreement with the military dictator, he said, adding today when his theft had been traced out, he was crying for democracy and implementation of the Charter of Democracy. He asked the former prime minister why he had ignored the CoD and at whose behest he had moved the court on Memogate and got PPP Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani out of power. “You must realise your mistakes and apologise to the nation for all before seeking implementation of the CoD,” he advised Nawaz Sharif. Kaira said Nawaz Sharif was reaping what he sowed for others. He reminded Sharif that he was responsible for ousting a president, a chief justice and Benazir Bhutto in league with judges in his second stint in power.

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