Thursday, June 1, 2017

Concerns Raised Over How A Truck Bomb Reached Kabul City

Questions have been raised as to how the sewerage tanker used in Wednesday’s deadly truck bombing managed to reach the heart of Kabul city laden with explosives. 
The blast site is just a few hundred meters from the Presidential Palace and the CEO’s office and in the immediate vicinity of numerous embassies. 
TOLOnews journalist Karim Amini looks at the possible routes the truck could have taken and at how many checkpoints the driver would have had to pass. 
The explosion took place just after Zanbaq Circle – where between 25 and 30 routes converge, while each route leading to the circle has between two and five check points. 
As such, the fact that this truck managed to reach the heart of the city has raised concerns among the public and MPs. 
“The security in Kabul is ensured by human force; and we should change this type of security into a security which is maintained by using technological capabilities plus human capacity. It is needed for all over the (Kabul) city,” said Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, former deputy minister of interior.
“This shows the weakness, failure and irresponsibility of security forces and in general of our government,” said Assadullah Saadati, MP.
Meanwhile, military analysts slammed security institutions, the National Security Council and the National Directorate of Security for having failed to safeguard security in the city and said all bodies need to apologize to the public and leaders need to resign. 
“Government leaders should apologize from the people and should say that they cannot carry on. This is either their guts, their duty, their courage and it is the best option on the ground,” said Atiqullah Amarkhail, a former military official.
However, the Kabul Police Chief Hassan Shah Frogh termed such deadly attacks as normal.
”Such incidents are happening around the world; they are not in Afghanistan alone. Afghanistan is a country which has experienced thirty years of war.
Afghanistan is dealing with terrorism. The incident (in Kabul on Wednesday) is an incident which could have occurred and we cannot say that this was the last incident; and we cannot say that no incident will happen (in the future),” the police chief said in an interview with TOLOnews on Wednesday.

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