Thursday, June 1, 2017

#Afghanistan - Protestors Call On Security Heads To Resign

Dozens of Kabul residents and civil society activists staged a demonstration close to Wednesday’s blast site and called on security heads, particularly the National Security Advisor, the head of the national directorate of security, the interior minister and the Kabul police chief, to resign from their posts.
Other demands included the immediate execution of Anas Haqqani, brother of Haqqani network’s leader.
President Ashraf Ghani meanwhile signed a decree on Thursday approving the execution by hanging of 11 members of Haqqani network and Taliban.
However, Anas Haqqani is not on the list. 
“We want the resignation of security heads, particularly the Kabul police chief, the NDS chief an the interview minister,” said Abdullah Rasuli, a civil society activist.
“We want changes in security apparatus. The main perpetrators of the attack must be identified and punished,” said Shahbaz Shahrukhi, a civil society activist. 
The protestors meanwhile criticized those who call the Taliban brothers.
“From Mr. (former president Hamid) Karzai to (Hizb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin) Hekmatyar, all those who have called the Taliban brothers; can they call the Taliban brothers again?” asked Rahila Jafari, a civil society activist. 
“We (government) train the security forces for what purpose? Who are those who lose their lives? They are my sons your brother! Why there should be blood shedding in our soil?” said Abdul Farid Aryaee, a resident of Kabul.
This comes after the Ministry of Interior said in a statement on Thursday afternoon that it has suspended three police officers from their posts.
However, residents say the ‘symbolic moves’ are taken by government in order to silence criticisms and the people.

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