Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#SyriaWar - Russia, China veto UN resolution on Syria sanctions

Russia and China vetoed a western draft resolution at UN Security Council that imposes sanctions on Syria.
The draft resolution was proposed by UK, France and the US.
Nine countries voted in favor of the draft resolution. Russia, China and Bolivia opposed it while Egypt, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan abstained. Meanwhile, acting Charge de’ Affairs of Syria’s permanent delegation to UN, Munzir Munzir said that Syria couldn’t use chemical weapons and it doesn’t believe in using them, from a moral point of view, adding that the Syrian government has cooperated with the inquiry committees and proved to them, through evidence, that the terrorist organizations fabricated those allegations.
Munzir, in a speech at the UNSC session, said that the mechanism of joint investigation has frankly admitted that armed terrorist groups have moved and transformed the material evidences from a place into another and photographed events after many days of their happening without an attempt by the mechanism to analyze the motive behind these practices which clearly aim at falsifying the facts and fabricating accusations against the Syrian governments.
In a relevant context, Russia’s Deputy UN Ambassador, Vladimir Safronkov said in a speech following the voting session that the conclusions of experts about allegations of using chemical weapons by the Syrian government against civilians in 2014 and 2015 “are based on suspicious data.”
“The problem lies in the fact that the work of experts was based on suspicious data presented by armed groups and non-governmental international organizations in addition to media and so-called friends of Syria,” Safronkov said, adding that Damascus demands about conducting objective investigation were neglected.
He considered that the available information at the sides which proposed the draft resolution don’t include “irrefutable facts” that could be a basis for any accusations.

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