Friday, February 3, 2017

Pakistan's Ahmadi Muslims Under Attack: Federal Minister Ishaq Dar promotes anti-Ahmadi sentiments at militant conference

Pakistan's Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says there would be no change in the prevailing blasphemy law of the country because Pakistan came into being in the name of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.

Dar was addressing an anti-Ahmadiyya “Khatam-e-Nabuwat Conference” at Golra Sharif shrine in Punjab, where he praised the annual programme held at the Shrine saying it was being organized since their forefathers' time "to falsify claims of a liar about prophethood," a bigoted reference to the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Minister Dar, while insinuating Ahmadis 'were disloyal, betrayed the country, and had vanished,' strongly vowed saying "we will sacrifice our lives but make no compromise on the respect and dignity of the Prophet Muhammad."

Dar claimed that Pakistan was a blessing gifted by Allah to the Muslims, and, as such, there was a need to make the country a fort of Islam and the real objective of Pakistan becoming a nuclear power was for the defence of Muslim Ummah (world).

Militantly-inclined clerics from across the country and abroad, including India, Afghanistan, the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates were hosted by the shrine, it was reported.

Dar's association with the militant groups and promotion of anti-Ahmadiyya sentiment can easily land him in troubles when traveling to the United States, one Ahmadi Muslim observed.

Anis Ahmad, a resident of Southern California, says certain clauses in the recently issued Executive Order by the President of the United States ban travelers from entering the U.S. "who engage in acts of bigotry and hatred (including ... the persecution of those who practice other religions) ..."

Ahmad was referring to the last sentence in the last paragraph of Section 1 of the Executive Order.

"Whenever Dar is fixing to travel to the U.S., the State Department should be informed and reminded of the Executive Order by the President," Ahmed added.

While Pakistan is not on the list of countries with total migrant travel blockade, several sections of the Executive Order can apply to individuals traveling to the United States.

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