Saturday, June 9, 2018

#Pakistan - #PPP’s Khuhro warns CJP against campaigning for Kalabagh dam

Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh President Nisar Ahmed Khuhro on Saturday said that he will file a Contempt of People notice against the Chief Justice if he tried to revive the “dead” project of Kalabagh dam.
He was addressing a press conference at a local press club in Larkana on Saturday. Khuhro said Kalabagh dam is a harmful project and that Justice Nisar should not try to become Liaquat Jatoi or Pervaiz Musharaf.
Khuhro said that by taking up the issue of the Kalabagh dam, the CJP has disappointed the nation. He said the people of Sindh will fight against Kalabagh dam on every forum. Khuhro added that three million acres of fertile land of Sindh has been digested by waterlogging and salinity.
The PPP leader said that IRSA is responsible for water shortages which should be under irrigation department instead of WAPDA.
Khuhro said that the apex court should summon IRSA and order for equitable distribution of water. He said the tail-enders have the first right over water internationally but Sindh is being deprived of its due share, while he also termed Kalabagh dam equal to black snake for Sindh.
He said the PPP is not doing politics by talking against Kalabagh dam but if it is politics then they will continue to do it.
Khuhro also criticised the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) saying that not even a single leader from the party has so far talked about the statement of the chief justice about Kalabagh dam.

He said Musharraf should be called and asked as to why construction of the Basha Dam was not initiated. Khuhro said that dictator Zia raised the issue of Kalabagh dam and it was called black snake dam at that time and that the then three assembles rejected it. He said that water was flowing in Rice Canal previously on May 5 but till-date, it has not yet been released for which IRSA should be questioned, he added.
Speaking about general elections 2018, the PPP Sindh president said that homework for general elections has been completed and that the list of candidates will be made public at the right time.
Lauding veteran politican Rasool Bux Palijo, who passed away earlier this week, Khuhro said that he was a protector and guard of Sindh and raised his forceful voice against Greater Thal Canal and Kalabagh dam. With his death, he added, a gap has been created which is difficult to be filled.
Nazir Bughio, Abdul Fatah Bhutto and others were also present on the occasion.

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