Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Pakistan - Was 'shocked' to receive Imran's first text message, Gulalai says

Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Ayesha Gulalai has said that she was "shocked" to receive Imran Khan's first text message, which the PTI chairman sent in October 2013.

Speaking to a private news channel, the estranged PTI leader said she apprised only her father of the text. "My father replied 'we shall see if more messages are received'".
"The messages from Imran Khan continued for some time. I decided to ignore them for the time being," Gulalai said, adding that she received last message from the PTI chief in July, 2016.
She explained her decision of retaining her National Assembly seat saying that it was a trust from the people of Pakistan. "My differences with the party are due to the party leadership. Should I vacate the seat for having differences with the PTI?"
Maintaining that she would not surrender her seat, the former PTI member said she would use it for resolution of public issues, and not against PTI or PML-N.
Commenting to PTI's allegations of having demanded NA-1, Peshawar ticket, Gulalai said she did mention it to Khan, but spoke of it generally. "There's still ten months left in the election, how can I ask for it now?"
"I had decided to leave the party some time ago. After having received those text messages, I did not actively take part in political activities."
Responding to rumours about her joining the PML-N, she said, "I say it today as well that Nawaz Sharif is corrupt."
The former PTI lawmaker also denied having met PML-N's Ameer Maqam. "I did not have a meeting with Maqam. He should send a legal notice to the PTI demanding compensation."
Denying PTI's accusations of having received millions of rupees, she said that she did not get a single penny from anyone, questioning, "Why does Imran Khan not respond and keeps pushing others for this purpose?"

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