Friday, August 4, 2017

India raps Pakistan as Hafiz Saeed attempts to register JuD as a political party

With reports from Pakistan suggesting that the Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed is looking to get his organisation JuD registered as a political party ahead of Pakistan elections, India on Friday reminded Islamabad that Pakistan was under international obligation to ensure that Saeed wasn't allowed to conduct his activities freely.
Describing the reports as a matter of concern, the government said that a man who is known to trade in bullets was now seeking to hide behind the ballot. "Regarding the aspect of political parties, it appears that the person whose hands are stained with blood of innocent lives is using ballot ink to hide them. The person who has traded in bullets wants to hide behind ballot. This is a matter of concern," said MEA spokesperson Gopal Baglay. The government said that Saeed was an internationally designated terrorist under the UN 1267 provisions and his organisations, whether JuD or LeT, are one and the same. "They have been carrying out terrorist activities not just against India but also others in the region," said the official.
"We hear from media reports that he has been put under some kind of house arrest, but it is very well known that he and his colleagues and also his organisation have enjoyed freedom in Pakistan to conduct terrorist activities against India and others. This is a matter of concern for us," he added.
According to Pakistan media reports, Saeed is likely to rename JuD as Milli Muslim League and launch the new "political party" on Pakistan's Independence Day later this month. Despite Pakistan having officially extended his house arrest, Saeed has had the freedom to conduct his usual activities, including the liberty to regularly hold meetings with his supporters. "It is Pakistan's obligation, obviously, to make sure that such individuals and organisations are not able to enjoy the freedom to conduct terrorist activities. Pakistan must also ensure that international sanctions on these individuals and organisations are enforced 100%," said Baglay.
Saeed has been under house arrest since January 31. The Punjab government last week extended his house arrest for another two months.

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