Tuesday, August 1, 2017

70 YEARS OF PAKISTAN - Dead, alive put on same bed again at Gujranwala hospital

Another incident of dead and alive put on the same bed was reported today from District Headquarters Hospital in Gujranwala.
A woman suffering with high blood pressure was taken to the District Headquarters hospital, but she could not survive and breathed her last on a bed in emergency ward of the facility.
The dead body was not removed from the bed and another case was brought in the hospital. The young man brought to the hospital ward was put on the same bed for treatment, on which the woman's dead body was lying.
The incident highlighted shortcomings on part of the hospital administration for reportedly the second time.
Previously, the hospital administration said they were forced to do so because of shortage of bed facilities in the ward. http://nation.com.pk/national/01-Aug-2017/dead-and-alive-put-on-same-bed-again-at-gujranwala-hospital

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