Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Saudi warplanes destroyed school, mosque, agricultural nursery in Yemen

American-Backed Saudi Aggression Warplanes on Sunday destroyed a mosque and a school in Amran province, as well as a number of raids on an agricultural nursery in Saadah province.
A local source confirmed that the Air forces of US-Saudi coalition targeted a Mosque and school in the Bait-ul-Thaliah district Madan with five brutal air raids which led to the complete destruction. 

The source added that the aggression targeted three raids on Nursery of the Agriculture office in the area of Al-Anad of Sehaar district of Saadah province, which also destroyed the nursery completely. 

This comes in the context of the systematic destruction of the infrastructure of Yemen, which has been carrying out aggression for more than two and a half years, along with hundreds of crimes committees against civilians and their properties almost daily in criminal silence of Arab and International community.

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