Friday, June 30, 2017

#Parachinar Bleeding - ‘No such thing as a good terrorist’

The commander of the NATO-led Resolute Support mission and the US forces in Afghanistan General John Nicholson condemned the deadly explosions in Pakistan, insisting that there is no distinction between good and bad terrorists.
“On June 23, a series of terrorist attacks took place in Quetta and Parachinar, Pakistan that martyred more than 70 and left over 200people wounded,” Gen. Nicholson said in a statement.
The statement further added that the attack in Quetta targeted police and the Parachinar bombings targeted market goers who were shopping for Eid, where a second explosion targeted first-responders and bystanders as they helped survivors of the first blast.
“We strongly condemn the cowardly and barbaric attacks on law enforcement personnel and innocent civilians,” said Gen. John Nicholson.
“We mourn with the people of Pakistan who have once again suffered at the hands of these despicable terrorists,” he added.
Gen. Nicholson also added that “There is no such thing as a good terrorist and Resolute Support will stand with anyone who fights all forms of terrorism, without exception,” Nicholson added.
According to reports, the Jamaat-ul-Ehrar faction of the Pakistani Taliban and the ISIS loyalists in the region have claimed responsibility behind the deadly explosions.

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