Saturday, June 3, 2017

Balochistan: bloody military offensives continue in Espilinji

Pakistani forces gory offensives in several adjoining areas of Mastung Balochistan continue for the third consecutive day. The offensives were started on 31 May 2017.
According to details Pakistani FC, military and other security forces have been carrying out attacks in Espilinji, Kabo, Talkhawi, Dilband, Dashtadi and surrounding areas from past three days.
Local sources told Balochwarna News that gunship helicopters and fighter jets back the ground forces. The gunship helicopters and jets are being used to heavily bomb civilian populations. As result of indiscriminate bombardment, several people have been killed and wounded.
The Pakistan forces have surrounded the affected areas from all sides and set several houses on fire before looting valuables from the houses.
Reports from the region suggest that several people included women and children have been killed during indiscriminate shelling on their houses. Many unarmed civilians have been arrested and put on military helicopters.
Pakistani forces have abducted several Baloch nomads and taken away their livestock.
Local media sources have been trying to confirm the reports of deaths and damage to properties, however, due to the military siege in the region so far, the number of casualties could not be confirmed.
The military offensives and attack on Baloch villages continued until the filing of this report.

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