Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Minor Christian girl kidnaped and raped by Muslim landlord in Pakistan

Reportedly,an orphan Christian minor girl namely Maria Bibi, 13 years old, was kidnapped in front of her widow mother and old grandfather on gunpoint at night.

The incident happened about days ago at Village 247-EB in District Vahari,Punjab when the victim girl was working in fields as a labourer and a Muslim man Amjad, a son of Landlord Niaz Mughal, liked her. He along with his unknown accomplices climbed wall and entered into the home of Christian family and on gun point kidnapped a daughter of a widow in front of other family members.

The old grandfather and widow mother of the victim requested every respectable man of the area and also complained to the local Police Station and the both are unable to recover the victim from the kidnappers because of their own power in the area. The police has not registered FIR against the kidnappers and now the victim family asked Government authorities to help them for recovery of their daughter otherwise they will prefer to be gotten suicide.

It is requested to any human rights group working in Pakistan to stand and help this family to recover their daughter from the, kidnappers.

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