Saturday, March 11, 2017


Pakistani experts on the issue of terrorism said that the militants have hijacked national religious narrative and jihadi narrative for Afghanistan and Kashmir was developed in Punjab province.

Speaking at Jirga, Geo News channel programme hosted by Saleem Safi, Amir Rana and Mujahid Hussain expressed their views on terrorism.
Saleem Safi referred to the study of Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies and said that here were only 6 religious parties when Pakistan came into being in 1947 but during the tenure of military rule of General Ziaul Haq, their numbers increased to hundreds despite the fact that at the beginning of his rule, there were only 30 religious parties.
He said that there were 239 religious parties in 2002 and of them 148 were involved in sectarianism. He said that 12 organisations preached caliphate as their political system.
Mujahid Hussain said that there were many militant outfits in Punjab and trend of militancy was not limited to southern Punjab alone but it is everywhere in all over Punjab where thousands of militants are settled.
He said that two major political parties formed alliance with banned terrorist outfits. He said that most of them terrorists/militants had studied in (Deobandi) seminaries.

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