Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Haqqani was not the only one responsible for issuing visas: Zardari

Hussain Haqqani didn’t even have the right in American Embassy to issues visas [to anyone], said former President Asif Ali Zardari.
Former President Zardari will be seen discussing the decision to appoint Hussain Haqqani as Pakistani Ambassador in tonight’s episode of Capital Talk.
Snippets of show reveal Zardari saying. “I don’t think Hussain has said this, he didn’t even have the right in American Embassy to issues visas [to anyone].”
“There a lot more people in American Embassy than just the ambassador who scramble through the important visas.”
Zardari also said, “I would never meet Haqqani nor would plan to meet during my visits to Washington.”
“Hussain Haqqani lives in another world altogether these days.  There is a lot of difference in the way we think now,” the PPP leader said.
“I don’t agree with what Haqqani has written about Pakistan in his book. Haqqani considers himself Washington’s philosopher and lobbyists, there are some people who make friends in US while making anti-Pakistani statements, said Zardari, adding “Haqqani thinks he is very smart.”
When Hussain Haqqani was made the ambassador the president of the country was Pervez Musharraf.
He also mentioned Osama Bin Laden and remarked that “the parliament fought him, civilians fought him, otherwise who knows what the world would have done.”

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