Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pakistan - 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits parts of Balochistan

According to US Geological Survey (USGS) earthquake with magnitude of 6.3 hits at parts of Balochistan on Wednesday morning, reported 24 News.

The quake had the depth of 25.9 kilometers with epicenter at 20 kilometers west southwest of Pasni. The earthquake hits Makran, Gwadar and Pasni at 3:04 am but no reports of causalities have received.
Residents of the areas woke up by the strong jolts and ran out of their houses in fear while reciting Kalma Tayyab.
The rescue teams have reached to the effected areas to evaluate the loss.
According to Provincial Disaster Management Authority of Balochistan the magnitude of earthquake was 6.6
The Commissioner of Makran Division told media that a complete survey of the area has been conducted but no reports of damage or causalities have been received.
Furthermore, Deputy Commissioner Gwadar has also stated that there are no causality or damage reports.
Sindh Commissioner has also been sent to survey the area.
Few weeks back, Karachi was also hit by 3.6 earthquake but there was no causality or damage.
Pakistan is located in the Indus-Tsangpo Suture Zone, which is roughly 200 km north of the Himalaya Front and is defined by an exposed ophiolite chain along its southern margin. This area has the largest earthquakes in Himalaya region.

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