Friday, February 17, 2017


Locals and bereaved family members of Sehwan Sharif tragedy protested against the police today expressing dissatisfcation over the security arranegments at the shrine of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. They blamed police negligence behind the attack.

An angry mob went around the area around the shrine, wielding batons, shouting slogans against the police. Some of them set a police vehicle ablaze. They also protested outside a hospital in the vicinity.
While shouting and crying in grief over the carnage, the protesters demanded they be let inside premises of the shrine, that was closed for public after the attack. But when they were not heard, the inconsolable locals climbed their way in.
Despite rising terrorism attacks across the country, sufficient security had not been provided at the shrine, said people who were protesting outside the shrine Friday morning.
The shrine's Sajjada Nasheen, spiritual heir, told a news channel he was not satisfied with the security arrangement that was in place before the attack.
Holy places put on red alert
The government has placed security on high alert outside mosques across the city where Friday prayers are underway. Shrines across the country have been closed for public.
Administrator of the auqaf department Muhammad Nusrat, said the shrines would be reopened after a meeting with the police. The closed shrines include those of Bibi Pak Daman and Data Ganj Bakhsh in Lahore and Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Karachi. Rangers personnel guard the Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine in Sehwan.
According to the auqaf department's website of both the provinces, there are 78 shrines in Sindh and 37 in Punjab.
Besides holy places being put on red alert, motorcycles and cars were being intercepted at all the checkpoints.

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