Thursday, January 19, 2017


Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has renewed his four demands and said that he had launched his anti-government today, which would continue till acceptance of his demands or ouster of the government. While addressing the rally chairman Bilawal highlights many failures of Nawaz government by declaring it an inefficient and corrupt one.
He mentioned the failure of Sasti Roti Scheme, Yellow cab scheme. He vehemently criticised PMLN govt for its privatisation plan, and its failure to overcome the power crises.
Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari lashes out at Sharif Bradran. He said that the farmers were protesting against the government while the industries have been closed due to the government’s policies. He said that he would not remain silent on economic murder of the people. He said that Nawaz Sharif has given banks to his friends while handed over sugar mills to his relatives. He said that schemes of “Sasti Roti” , Danish Schools and other by “Khadam-e-Aala” badly failed.
He urged the people to support him for getting rid of the rulers and said that his movement would continue till elimination of the Zia’s remains. Bilawal alleged that Nawaz Sharif use to phone judges for awarding punishment to PPP leaders.
Following are the highlights of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto’s speech:
  • “I have started my movement, today.”
  • He stated that industries are shutting down resulting in massive unemployment.
  • “The development which you talk about is only seen in advertisements”
  • “We all have to save Pakistan’s economy”
  • “Mian Sahab your government has made our “Industrial Hub” suffer”
  • “National institutes are being destroyed”
  • “Promises to make progress in export sector were made in election rallies”
  • “We even sacrifice our lives for our motherland”
  • “Mian Sahab! Your health and education systems have been failed”
  • “Mian Sahab! You said you will eliminate load shedding; but did the issue resolve?” he asked.
  • “Mian Sahab you are sacrificing your children for your personal sake”
  • “Mian Sahab! Your policy based on personal relations cannot work out”
  • “Pakistan is facing many challenges at the international level.”
  • “India is giving threats to stop our water.”
  • “Mian Sahab you kept on setting up your offshore companies.”
  • “He has demanded a fair and transparent inquiry must be carried out in the PanamaCase.”
  • “I kept saying not to make the CPEC controversial and implement on our resolutions.”
  • “If my four demands are not met; movement will be continued.”

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