Monday, January 23, 2017


Children of rights activist Samar Abbas have told reporters at Karachi Press Club that they miss their father and long for his return to pick them from schools as per his past practice.
They expressed these views in the presence of their mother and grandfather who spoke at a press conference to demand the relevant State officials through media that Samar Abbas must be allowed his legal right to defend himself in the court of law if there was any allegation against him.

Syed Alamdar, father of Samar Abbas, said the state officials made entire family restless. He said that one could overcome the pain on death of any relative but the anxiety, depression and concern for a missing son is more painful.
His wife told media that she had told her children that their father had gone out of city and would return soon. But, now they came to know the fact. On this, his minor son suddenly interrupted and innocently said mom told us a lie.
He also condemned all those who blamed Samar Abbas of blasphemy saying that he and entire of his family is very much religious and incorrect blasphemy charge is intolerable for them.
Samar Abbas is a Shia Muslim and a rights activist. He has founded Civil Progressive Alliance and had been struggling to defend the legitimate rights of oppressed people of Pakistan irrespective of their affiliations.

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