Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pakistan:Religious discrimination at climax by Nawaz Regime:No 'Qurbani' for you: Police stop Ahmadis from ritual sacrificing in Lahore

Lahore police stopped various members of the Ahmadi community in Lahore from slaughtering animals as part of ‘Qurbani’ ritual on Eidul Azha, proclaiming that the ritual of animal sacrifice was an Islamic injunction whereas Ahmadis were not Muslims. The Express Tribune learnt that police from the Islampura Police Station directed Tahir* in Sanat Nagar not to sacrifice his bull, which he had bought and tied in front of his house a day before Eid. At the direction of police, Tahir had to remove the animal from his house. On the same night, Hanjarwal police raided the house of Ahmad* at Sabzazar and took him to the police station, where he was detained for two hours. When his family members reached the police station, officials agreed to release him, but not before he provided a a written assurance that he will not perform the sacrifice meant to remember the Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) tradition of presenting Ismail (AS) for sacrifice, said one of Tahir’s family members.He said that the police, instead of providing security to the citizens, was meddling in sectarian issues and supporting hardliners. *Tahir and Ahmad are fabricated names to protect the identities of the victims.

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