Friday, May 4, 2012

PML-N has become politically isolated

Daily Times
Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said the PML-N adopted a stance in his contempt case in haste, as it took a decision without waiting for the detailed verdict, and said the party was isolated in the present political arena with no one on their side because of their attitude. With the baking of a parliamentary resolution reposing confidence in him, a confident Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Thursday said the PML-N had lost the game following the passage of the resolution in parliament on southern Punjab. Talking to media at the Prime Minister’s House, Gilani looked much more composed after the passage of a resolution in his favour and lashed out at the PML-N leadership, which he believed had been exposed through its behaviour in parliament. The PM categorically stated he doesn’t accept “Sharif Courts” who declared him disqualified when the detailed judgement of the contempt of court case against him was still pending. Regarding PML-N’s plan to move a resolution for new provinces in parliament, Gilani said if the party was sincere then it should move a resolution in Punjab Assembly following the approval of a resolution from parliament. Speaking on his conviction from court, Gilani said it was not a criminal case neither had he committed any moral or financial corruption, on the basis of which he should be disqualified. He said his was not the only case that was in court, as many cases of the opposition, such as the Mehran Bank scandal, were also in the courts, and questioned whether it was justified the PML-N leadership was taking out a procession in favour of the judiciary, which was hearing their cases. When asked why NATO supply routes were not being opened since parliament had passed unanimous recommendations on reengagements with the US, the premier said the US had been conveyed parliament’s recommendations and different groups were working between the two countries to discuss the new terms of engagements. On whether he was hopeful of the opening of NATO supply routes, Gilani responded in affirmative and said the talks were heading towards a positive direction.

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